Re: UML-Conformity

On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 02:51, RittervomNie web de wrote:
Why would you need the text element, when the only issue with
multiplicities, roles, message names etc is their poor automatic
placement? The two bugs I previously mentioned (65430 and 118313) raise
two different approaches to solving this problem (improve automatic
placement, and provide a manual placement option), and it looks both
will (eventually) be implemented - yay!

Hooray for bug sollutions. I'm quite correct when it comes to multiplicities. 
Only a hollow or filled diamond is not enough for me, I want zeros, n-s and 
m-s and that stuff.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. Dia's multiplicity support in
UML Associations is string-based, so you can freely enter "*", "0..1",
"1..5", "yo-mamma" etc

 Imagine some for-loop in sequence diagrams, messages with 
repetition counts, if-s and stuff. When using actual versions I have to 
emulate this by text elements to give a complete description of sequences or 

I can see why loops in sequence diagrams currently need to be created
using the text tool and a rectangle (I wonder how hard it would be to
create a new UML object for this).

For messages with guards and/or repetition counts, can't you simply
include it as part of the message name? Or were you after a separate

Poor alignment makes a diagram unreadable. Multiplicities drawn within classes 
are not quite good. And messages with off-cut underlength letters 
(underscore, characters like g) are also hard to read. So I need a 
workaround. Using the text element is the only way...until these bugs will be 

Yeah, I've been using the same work-around (text tool) here :-)
Currently I'm using the text tool for multiplicities, role and
association names, messages - I don't use any of the built-in stuff at
present (because of the alignment problems).



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