Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Lars Clausen wrote:

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 21:24:53 +0200
From: Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk>
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    <dia-list gnome org>
To: discussions about usage and development of dia <dia-list gnome org>
Subject: Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 11:43, Zhang Lin-bo wrote:
would you expect 0.94 to work with a fairly stock setup of Fedora Core 2?

I have noticed some dependency issues with FC2, e.g.,
python-gtk should be changed to pygtk2, freetype2 and freetype2-devel
to freetype and freetype-devel, and popt-devel is included in popt
in FC2.

But in another thread, Alan Horkan wrote:

Worked beautifully on Fedora Core 2.
It has been a long time since I've built Dia so easily.
Later I'll try some of the other build types if i can.

So which will it be?  Or is there a way to say one or the other?  I
believe there used to be a freetype package (freetype 1.*, not 2.*), and
we definitely don't want that.

I'd expect we very deliberately moved to freetype 2 because of a bug.

I got a working GTK build which definately didn't have Python although I
suspect it probably should have.  I cannot say I paid much attention to
any warnings (beyond the ones I already mentioned) because I got a working
build.  I should all the -devel stuff installed on my system which might
have made a difference (i haphazardly tried to install just about
everything Gnome related).

Is it possible that although we both have "Fedora Core 2" we are not
running exactly the same thing?  I burned CDs and installed it just a few
weeks ago.

Are there any details you would like me to double check?
(My machine with Fedora Core on it is not connected to the internet,
checking details takes time).

- Alan

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