Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 20:21, Alan Horkan wrote:
Dia now opens a new diagram when started without arguments. Is this
intended or debug code?

I believe that it makes sense and because it means you are ready to start
that little bit sooner it feels almost faster.

Do you dislike it?  Is it very annoying or just surprising?

It's surprising. Just noticed it switching from 0.93 to the new

Consider: Other programs (GIMP) don't do it. I don't know if we should
really try to predict what users want. Do you think a user starting dia
wants to create a new diagram in most cases?

Personally, I'm going to open existing diagrams after starting dia. What
about you?

Ideally if you open a new document without touching that first document it
would be replaced by the new document rather than hanging around but I
dont expect it does that yet.

When with "new document" you mean "old document", and with "first
document" you mean "new document", I understand. :-)

Good idea. Currently, the empty document stays even if I just want to
edit my other, already existing document.


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