Re: Grafcet improvement.

On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 16:42, Alexis MARTINI wrote:

I had used Dia, it is good. But I would like to improve the Grafcet part 
because I would used it a lot in my work. I would like to know how can I 
improve this part?

So which tools do you use to make the work? (Librery, compiler ...)

If you use Linux/Unix, just use a fairly recent gcc, plus autoconf,
automake, intltool, libtool, pkg-config.  Libraries needed are
font-config 1.0.1, GLib 2.1.3, ATK 2.0.0, FreeType 2.0.9, Pango 2.1.5,
GTK+ 2.0.0, and libxml 2.3.9.  Any recent Linux installation would have
these, or they'd be easily installable by looking for the -dev or -devel
packages.  Solaris has some build problems still, I think, look for bug
reports on  For Windows, Steffen is the one in the

Which is the last vertion for this?

Always work off of the CVS version.

Is there some persone in charge of the Grafcet diagrammes part?

Cyrille is the person in charge, he'd be able to give you more details
on how they work.  Also check out the Dia TWiki at, and feel free to add
as your knowledge grows.


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