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Repairing shortcut(s) to Dia version 0.92.2

1) Go to the dia shortcut in the start menu.
2) Right click on the shortcut and select properties from
the context menu.
3) Go to Program tab of property sheet.
4) In the text box labeled 'Working', Replace the path
5) Apply the changes and close the property sheet.
6) If you also have a shortcut on your desktop (or anywhere
else for that matter) you will need to make the same changes
there as well.
7) Enjoy!

        Since Dia executes from a batch file, the shortcut in the
Start Menu that launches the batch file is really a program
information file (*.pif). This type of file is used to set
environment variables and display preferences for programs
that run in a virtual DOS machine. 
        The bug that causes the menu items to not be displayed is
found on the 'Program' tab of the pif file's property sheet.
The text box labeled 'Working' contains the wrong path. The
path that is listed is 'C:\WINDOWS\STARTM~1\PROGRAMS\DIA'.
The correct path is 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\DIA\BIN'. The
consequence of this error is that before dia.bat even begins
to execute, the current directory is changed to the path of
the shortcut. Of course the start menu does not contain any
of the .dlls on which Dia depends.

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