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cyberpak <cyberpak bellsouth net> writes:

I have an HP 5100 printer and I am using the ps driver and RH 9.

Under Windows, most applications offer a printer menu when you print
so that I can select paper tray.  In this case I want to select 11x17
tabloid paper tray to print.  Is this a function of Dia?  How do I fix
this?  Generally printing is working fine to my default 8.5 x 11 paper

No, dia doesn't support this by itself. You doesn't say which kind of
print dialog you get when trying to print from dia, but most commonly
you get to enter a print command. This is lpr by default, but you can
change this to a print command that offers a dialog for setting
options like the one you request. Examples of such commands are
kprinter (comes with KDE) and gpr. But you need to set up your printer
first. Since your printer is working i suspect that what might be left
is installing a PPD-file somewhere. I haven't used it myself, but I'm
under the impression that the "Add Printer Wizard" of KDE is one of
the easier ways.

More information than you really need about printing in Linux can be
found here:

I suspect that the wealth of documents there can be a bit daunting to
a beginner though...

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