Re: Grid lock and linking components

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 10:56, Joseph Carter wrote:

I have a small problem when trying to draw a diagram with gridlock on.
When I try to link components it's often the case that the faint blue
crosses indicating a connection point do not line up with the grid.
This makes it impossible to create neat (level) connections.

Firstly does anyone have any suggestions about how to deal with this?

Not really.  I usually use the zigzagline to allow pretty connections.

Secondly, how technically difficult would it be to remove the entire
of having these connection points and simply allow me to connect to an
object at any point on it's perimeter? This would also solve the
of when I want to make more connections to an object than there is
connection points.

It's something I've been considering on and off.  The first thing I'd
like to do is finish the 'line gap' thing that may allow a 'connect to
center' feature.  Connecting to the perimeter would be more tricky,
though obviously useful.  The tough part would be to make sure that when
the object is resized, the connections move correctly.  Not something
I'd do before 1.0.


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