Re: description of the XML format of Dia

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 16:05, NAUDIN Alexia wrote:
Hi guys !

My name is Alexia and I'm new in the mailing list. I'm doing a work
placement and my task is to developp a tool that would generate
network diagrams automatically, using snmp requests.

I'm going to use DIA to draw the diagrams, therefore I need to know
the description of the XML format of Dia.
I had a look on the official web site but couldn't find it. Maybe can
you help me ? Unless someone already wrote something that would
generates XML Dia format files ?... :)

Alan and Cyrille have already given the most important Dia pointers, but
you will probably also need to do some layout automatically.  Dia right
now only has very minimal auto-layout support (zig-zag lines will orient
correctly:).  AutoDia has some layout functionality built into it, I
have not recently checked the state of it.  The GraphViz toolkit is
*the* place to go for autolayout, but has no manual editing features. 
And I am of course open to patches that implement autolayout features in

Please don't hesitate to ask us questions, we will answer you as best we


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