Re: removing GNOMEUIINFO for menus ?

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 23:01, Hans Breuer wrote:

Last time building --with-gnome it looked like the above isn't the
only issue with --with-gnome, but everyone we can get rid off (without
loosing appropriate platform integration) looks like a step in the 
right direction to me ...

The idea is to reduce maintenance hassle by reducing the amount of
duplicated code. Sinde Gtk+ 2.x and Gnome 2.x, more things have been
moved out of Gnome libs to Gtk+ libs. What I want to remove is duplicate
feature from libgnome that we have in Gtk+ 2.x. Since Gtk+ 2 is a

I'll start working on this and let time for people to speak up or whine


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