Re: removing GNOMEUIINFO for menus ?

At 19:06 17.02.04 +0100, Hubert Figuiere wrote:

does anybody object that I remove the menu construction using
GNOMEUIINFO that is used in GNOME build ? With Gtk2 it seldom bring
anything but hassle to maintain it along with the GtkItemFactory, and
GtkAction will supersede both in Gtk 2.4.
If nobody minds, I'll just wipe this off.

Not using the Dia --with-gnome build, neither compiling for GNOME, nor
on win32 I'm not objecting at all ;-)

Last time building --with-gnome it looked like the above isn't the
only issue with --with-gnome, but everyone we can get rid off (without
loosing appropriate platform integration) looks like a step in the 
right direction to me ...


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