Re: Aching arm after editing

On 13 Feb 2004, Michel Albert wrote:
I just had to edit the fonts of all (!!) text-boxes to something our
uni-windows-machines could deal with :) And I can tell you without
exagerating: My arm hurts now! It would be great to implement
something to select all boxes, and edit the fonts all at the same time.

When I selected all, it only changed the font of the last one selected.

As Cyrille has mentioned, there is a workaround of grouping the objects
first.  I fully agree that that should not be necessary (and indeed, it can
change the z-ordering, which is bad).  It would be fairly easy to change it
so that you don't have to group first in order to apply a setting to a
bunch of objects.

However, the multi-object properties setting has a fairly complicated
problem, in that it applies *all* settings to the objects.  So if you
select a red line and a green line, group them, then change the linewidth,
you end up with two red or two green lines, as the color is set as well.
We have nothing in place for determining what has been changed, and it'd
take some work to do that.

I would change it to allow multi-setting of selected objects except I know
so many would get bitten by the above bug that it would be too dangerous.

There is btw something to select all boxes:  Select one, then pick Select |
Same Type from the diagram menu.


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