Re: Aching arm after editing

Le Sun, Feb 15, 2004, à 06:58:45PM +0000, Alan Horkan a écrit:

Hello? We _do_ have a bug on this topic. We also _do_ have a workaround
for this (select stuff, group stuff, change desired properties, ungroup

It is hard to look up bugzilla on a crappy dialup connection, I would have

I wish I could have remembered the workaround but I couldn't.

I was trying to give a helpful reply, I feel like you are criticizing me
for not being helpful enough.

OK, I apologise for sounding too harsh. It's a good point that this is
an awkward thing that's perhaps even more desirable to fix than rotating

You sure are doing a good job of not letting people asking questions
feel like they've been ignored, and this is very valuable.

I hope your 56k exile is over soon :-)

        -- Cyrille

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