Re: Including eps file

On 5 Feb 2004, irisson jean-olivier wrote:

I am a new user of Dia. I was previously using xfig but I find the Dia
interface and exporting filters much better.

Yeah, that's how I got into it, too.

Nevertheless there is a
feature that I cannot find in Dia (and no hint in the FAQ and mailing
list archive...) that could be really useful:

Is it possible to include .eps files in Dia with the "image" object?

When I try, I get the "Broken Image" message. I would be surprised
that including .eps files is not possible. Did I miss something? Is
there some special .eps standards that should be respected?

No, you didn't miss anything.  It's not currently possible, as eps is a
difficult format to import -- each drawing is essentially a program.  We
haven't had anybody do the necessary work to import, which would either be
to try to convert it to something simpler (svg, for instance) or display it
with dynamic rendering and output it as well as possible when exporting.
The first solution will cause some of the more advanced things to be lost
or subtly changed, the second solution would have to use bitmap rendering
in all but eps and printer output


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