Re: Problem with size of UML classes

From: "Roy Yves" <yves roy umontreal ca>

Dear Dia users:

Here is my problem:

When I create UML class diagram it looks ok in the dia canvas. I export
the file in the eps format for inclusion in a Latex file, and then all
the boxes of my class diagrams are just too wide, as if the right margin
is set to the length of the text inside de diagram. For example, instead
of having a diagram like this (in terms of the width):

|  Class           |
| operation()   |

it's always like:

| Class                               |
| operation()                      |

It seems it doesn't ajust/grow nicely with the width of the text but
always too much to the right. Any clue what might be wrong ?

That'd be because the PostScript text is not sized to fit the width when
doing eps (latin-1, not Pango) output.  There was mention of a way to size
it correctly some while ago, and it shouldn't be too hard to add the
appropriate PostScript operator that sets the width to use.


Lars Clausen (| HÃrdgrim of Numenor
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