One possible bug, plus a couple of feature requests

Hello Dia developers!

I've just compiled and installed 0.94 and I'm getting a "Could not find plugin 
init function" message on startup.

I was very pleased to see that I can use SVG images from within Dia! One thing 
I would love to see is functionality which would allow me to convert one or 
more SVG images to .shapes. I can do this slowly by adding an SVG image to a 
chart and saving that chart as a .shape, but this is slow and tedious. It 
seems all the basic capability is there, so perhaps it would be an easy 
feature to add?

In line with this, it would be excellent if we could edit shape handles (green 
squares) in our shapes, with the option of saving those edits to the shape, a 
new shape, or just in the chart. A hot-key combination would be great for 
this, perhaps changing the color of the handles and allowing us to move them 
around with the mouse, before locking them again with the same hot-key 

This, in conjunction with the SVG image to shape conversion I mentioned above, 
would allow Dia users to create new SVG-based shape sets very easily (which 
could be contributed back to the project, yada, yada, yada).

Thanks for your time!

Oh, and a couple of wrinkles. If start Dia and add an SVG image or two, they 
look great (nice job on the rendering!). I then put some arrows or whatever 
on the chart, and decide that they might look better if I turn on 
anti-aliasing. But when I do, the SVG images become jaggy!!! The arrows look 
nice though.

Also, the hex grid got screwy with me at one point, with the angles on all the 
hexes being incorrect. They were all identical, and the effect remained even 
when shading and unshading the window. If it's okay for this list, I'll 
submit a small screen shot image to show what I mean if it happens again.

Paul Dorman.

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