Re: Error starting program


I have found that dia does not start on Win 95. Versions are
dia-win32-installer 0.94-pre1 and Win 95 4.00.950 B. I get this error

Error starting program
The LIBGTK-WIN32-2.0-0.DLL file is linked to missing export

Indeed Win 95 KERNEL32.DLL has similarly named exports: GetFileAttributesA
and GetFileAttributesW, but not GetFileAttributesExA. On the other hand,

Sorry I don't have a Windows 9* box available. You can try the
new Dia 0.94 from Windows. But basically this looks like a GTK+ problem.
I'm using the binaries provided by Tor Lillqvist and so far they seem to have
worked for Windows 9*. I have no idea why this should have changed.


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