Error starting program


I have found that dia does not start on Win 95. Versions are
dia-win32-installer 0.94-pre1 and Win 95 4.00.950 B. I get this error

Error starting program
The LIBGTK-WIN32-2.0-0.DLL file is linked to missing export

Indeed Win 95 KERNEL32.DLL has similarly named exports: GetFileAttributesA and
GetFileAttributesW, but not GetFileAttributesExA. On the other hand, the Win32
installer page mentions Win95:

"In order to run dia on Windows, 95, 98, ME, NT,
2000 or XP are required. If you encounter any problems with dia, please read through the FAQ first.
The dia 0.92.2 installer does not work properly for Windows 95/98/ME. Please read see Support Request
#795920 for details how to fix the start menu shortcut. "

So, I wonder whether this is a bug or it means that Win 95 is no longer

Regards, Alejandro Jakubi

                                Alejandro S. Jakubi       
                                jakubi df uba ar              

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