Missing a link between object and othe diagrams


I am a software developer, and have been searching the net for a free
documentation tool, and found Dia. It is a really nice tool, and very fast
at generating diagrams showing software architecture.

But I am missing a feature, maybe I have just not found it yet I am a newbie
to Dia

In order to use the program for software development, it would be nice if it
was possible to create a link between an object on one diagram and another
diagram. E.g. it would be easy to jump from one level to the next level on
dataflow or UML diagrams.

This link could also be a "1 to many" link, so that it was possible to link
from one object to many other diagrams, so that each diagram could show
different kind of information about the object.

I also have some other suggestions for features, but I don not know if this
is the correct post such suggestions. If it is the wrong place, I am sorry,
and please let me know where I should post such things.


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