Adding a new diagram type (ORM plug-in)?

Howdy all,

I am working for a research group that has been testing Dia extensively as a 
permenant tool for drawing modeling diagrams. This seems to have resulted in 
positive responses from all the users, except that there are no ORM diagram 
elements available as in the provided ER, Flow charts, etc.

No problem as it is open source and they have asked me to look into creating a 
plug-in (is this the right idea?) for ORM diagrams.

I have looked at the lists a bit (this is not my first Open Source project), 
checked your site and even took a brief look at the sources. I noted that 
your project would like to be contacted (on the developers page) about "Other 
diagram types" so here I am!

Where could I best start looking to implement such an ORM diagram into Dia? Do 
you have examples, others working on such a thing, ideas, comments for me?

Thanks in advance,

Eric D. Schabell M.Sc. - Scientific Programmer, IRIS
University of Nijmegen, Netherlands

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