Re: Thickness of line for DXF export

Thank you for your reply.

I tried to make Visio 2000 read the exported DXF file, but couldn't.
So I explored DXF export filter, I happend to find the difference.
Now I tried qcad, it seems no problem to read very small value of 
thickness. In fact, the thickness is written as 0 in my DXF file
like as:

    : snip
    : snip

Takeshi Hamasaki

In <20040810171344 GB6769 rugby cssa chepelov org>,
cyrille chepelov org wrote:

cyrille>> > does anyone know why thickness of line is multiplied 10 times in 
cyrille>> > plug-ins/dxf/dxf-export.c ?
cyrille>> > For instance, in function draw_line(), 
cyrille>> > 
cyrille>> >     fprintf(renderer->file, " 39\n%d\n", (int)(10*renderer->lcurrent.width));
cyrille>> >     /* Thickness */
cyrille>> > 
cyrille>> > In dxf-import.c, thickness is not modified, so I'm curious why
cyrille>> > dxf-export.c does this.
cyrille>> I *guess* this is a bug, though a very deliberate one.... It might have 
cyrille>> slipped through when I gave that code some exercise eons ago, if 
cyrille>> SolidWorks 2000's DXF export has the same bug. 
cyrille>> Which software are you using to read DXF?
cyrille>> I see that the code comes from James H; I don't know what he tested
cyrille>> against, but I'd guess he too had an implementation that stores "10
cyrille>> times the thickness".

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