Re[2]: How to export text to EPS as text (no curves)?

In fact you can adjust the seperation between words and characters
(allowing fine grain width adjust) with simple postscript commands like
ashow, widthshow etc. show is the command to print a string in postscript.
So, hacking the eps exporter we could do it in a clean way. Opinions?

On Sun, 07 Sep 2003 08:12:26 -0500 Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu>
The problem is that we don't have a text export that preserves the
size of the strings, or we'd use that.  If we used regular (E)PS text,
strings would overflow their boxes or leave big gaps.

I do not understand this claim.  PostScript text is entirely
scalable.  If you can fit a box once, you can fit it at any
scale.  Or are you saying you have no mechanism for
computing the width or height of PostScript strings, so you
cannot even fit a box once?  This is a very standard problem
and there should be many applicable solutions on hand.
(I realize I probably just do not understand the problem
you intend to describe.)

There's work afoot to make a Pango renderer that does PDF
& PS, but there are some legal issues of the underlying
PDFlib to solve first.

Can you point me to a discussion of these legal issues.
(I am just curious.)

In any case, give me the option of exporting the cleanest
ordinary EPS files you can (with no embedded or simulated
fonts), and I can always tinker with them ex post if need

Alan Isaac

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