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On Tuesday 28 October 2003 11:20, SainTiss wrote:
Hmm, I think I found out why associations aren't handled... As far as I can
see, there's no way of telling what classes are at the end-points of the
association, just by looking at dia's save format... There's only
graphical, positional information...

Yet, in the diagram itself, it's possible to "attach" the association to a
class by making sure it matches with one of the 8 handles of that class...
So I guess it must be possible to find out which classes are connected by
an association...

I got this idea that I might be able to find the classes by getting the 
connectionpoint of the associationend-handle, and then looking in the 
"connected" GList...
However, it seems that, in that list, only the association object itself is 
present (there's only 1 element in the list)...

Here's what I tried:

  orth = &(assoc->orth);
  handle = (orth->handles)[0];
  conpoint = handle->connected_to;
  connObjs = conpoint->connected;
  obj = (Object*) g_list_nth_data(connObjs, 0);
Printing out the address of obj and the address of assoc, showed that both 
objects are the same...
Playing around with the indices, I learned that there are 3 handles in the 
association (seems logical), and 1 object in the connObjs list...

Am I doing this the wrong way, or is this a bug?

Also, I noticed that, when loading a *.dia file where an association was 
connected to UMLClasses, after loading the connection is lost (i.e. when 
connected, the end points of the association are red, yet after loading, they 
are green again...)





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