Re: combined UML diagrams

On 27 Oct 2003, saintiss gmx net wrote:

That's because the plug-in is a little confused about its file endings.
It calls itself .code, and opens that file, but then writes to another

Ok, the plugin does seem to work indeed...  However, it seems that the
xslt scripts are quite superficial, only concerned about classes, not
about e.g. associations, so not directly usable to me, although maybe
they could be adapted...

Any extension of them would be great.  

If I'd create an export filter, as you first said, that'd be another
solution, but having had a look at the xslt and xfig plugins, I must say
those files aren't really abundantly commented... Is there any furthur
documentation on how to start here?

There's the comments in lib/diarenderer.h, and the Wiki, nothing else yet.

Same question about the extensions of the UMLActivities... I'm guessing I
need to change the objects/UML/activity.c file, but again it's not really
well commented, and I'm a bit at loss here as to what properties can be
set/added and how...

The best comments are found in the base files in lib, such as
lib/diarenderer.h, lib/object.h and lib/properties.h.  But to do the
extensions you were talking about (making it resizable and parenting), you
shouldn't need to change any properties.  Compare with UML/large_package.c,
which does basically what you want, but with a slightly different layout.


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