On 15 Oct 2003, Zhang Lin-bo wrote:
Yet another small bug in 0.92-pre7: the help texts in the
sections 'Help options' and 'Application options' produced
by 'dia --help' do not get converted into the current locale
(texts in other sections are correctly converted).

I don't quite get what you're referring to here.  dia --help gives

bash-2.05b$ app/ --help
Usage: lt-dia [OPTION...] [FILE...]
  -e, --export=OUTPUT               Export loaded file and exit
  -t, --export-to-format=FORMAT     Export to file format and exit.  Supported
                                    formats are: cgm, dia, dxf, eps,
                                    eps-pango, fig, mp, plt, hpgl, png, shape,
                                    svg, tex, wpg
  -n, --nosplash                    Don't show the splash screen
  -c, --credits                     Display credits list and exit
  -v, --version                     Display version and exit
  -h, --help                        Show this help message

Are you talking about strings like --credits etc?


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