Re: object model

On 28 Oct 2003, saintiss gmx net wrote:

I've got a quite general question here:

I've noticed that inheritance is simulated by having an instance of the
superclass as the first member...  But is there something like a checked
type cast? i.e. where you'd get NULL if the pointer isn't of the right
type or something? (an equivalent of dynamic_cast in C++ I mean)...

There's the standard GLib type operations.

Also, I'm guessing there's something like polymorphism too... Is all this
just written from scratch for Dia, or is this all part of a certain
object model, like GObject? I'd think so, but then again it seems like
Object doesn't inherit from GObject, so I'm a bit confused...

It doesn't though it really should.  We use the GTK type system, but
everything else is Dia-specific.  The renderers have been converted to
GObjects, but the regular objects remain strange.


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