Re: Will we get a problem?

Le Sun, Oct 12, 2003, Ã 09:33:07PM +0200, W. Borgert a Ãcrit:

this is mainly a question about compatibility between the upcomping
0.92 and later versions.  I already ranted about duplication, relatively
questionable quality etc. of the "Assorted" and the "Cisco" stuff.  Because
I think that those elements lower the overall impression about dia
(sorry, my English is terrible), I recommend to make icons and elements
better in later versions.  For example, the Cisco elements contain
multiple network clouds and one could remove at least one of them.
But what about compatibility?  If people start to use the elements and
dia has some of them removed later, how can users open older diagrams?
If this poses a problem, the elements should be left out from a release

We can take an object or shape out of the sheets, which make it
disappear from the interface, while still shipping the object/shape
definition proper (so that diagrams created with earlier versions can still be 

As for the "questionable quality" of the Cisco sheet, I find it very
nice to generate diagrams which look exactly like Cisco diagrams, which
can be a quality in certain environments (have you tried to print such a
diagram, or did you just complain based on the screen quality ?). There
is some duplication, because Cisco makes some subtle differences in some
items, and it may or may not make a difference to some. 
As for the icons in the Cisco sheet, they've been auto-generated, and
yes maybe hand-tuned icons might be nicer to the look... you are welcome
to contribute some, it's not difficult to do at all.

        -- Cyrille
FRA: 61-18(FIJ)

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