Re: Danish translation

On 3 Oct 2003, Nikolai Beier wrote:

I have updated da.po to a more recent state.
But I didn't quite understand the parenting function, and the doc's at are (of course) not updated yet.

By looking through the mails discussing "parenting", I did not find an
explanation I could understand. So can you point me to some information
about this feature?

There's no external information about it yet.  Basically, it allows objects
to contain other objects, so that they move around together.  The container
is called the parent.

And from dia/objects/GRAFCET/step.c line 161 i found this text: "The kind
of step". What type is this kind? Is it a special lingo for Grafcet

There are several kinds of steps: Initial steps, macro steps, regular
steps.  So "The kind of step" refers to choosing one of those kinds.

Btw. I'm able to compile dia from cvs, but not pre1.

We're up to pre4 now, it might have been fixed.  If not, post us the errors.


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