Danish translation


I have updated da.po to a more recent state.
But I didn't quite understand the parenting function, and the doc's at 
http://www.lysator.liu.se/~alla/dia/ are (of course) not updated yet.

By looking through the mails discussing "parenting", I did not find an 
explanation I could understand. So can you point me to some information about 
this feature?

And from dia/objects/GRAFCET/step.c line 161 i found this text: "The kind of 
step". What type is this kind? Is it a special lingo for Grafcet drawings?

Btw. I'm able to compile dia from cvs, but not pre1.

P.S.: My IBM 75GXP (30 GB) is making more and more click sounds, so I'm 
hurrying to send the da.po file before it gets corrupted!

Nikolai Beier

Attachment: da.po.tar.bz2
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