Importing XML SVG to Visio

I recently have the task of creating a library of standard shapes used
for charting the Verisity Specman e language.  These shapes are clearly
define in the eRM specification.  I was blown away at how fast I can do
this with Dia.  I must say, I am extremely impressed.  However, I work
in the world of "the man" and I must make this little library for MS
Visio.  I can't believe what a confusing mess Visio makes of this kind
of work.  I am overwhelmed by all the bloatware of Visio and I have not
been able to find a good answer on how to create a custom sheet and add
custom shapes into it.  Is there anyone one this list who can point me
to a good resource for doing it.  I hope this is not too off topic.  I
am personally a Linux man and I realize that Dia is ported to win32 as
well, but that is a battle I am not equipped to fight for to get
everyone moved to Dia for our diagrams.  Anyway, it would optimal if I
could do all the creation work in Dia and then somehow import it into

Thanks for any help.


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