I use pdflatex for papers, proposals, and slides.
For slides, I use a dark background, and hence for type to
be visible it must be in something other than black.  I use
subscripts, so I would prefer to export to something where
the text is processed by latex.  Pdflatex means that figures
should ultimately be translated into pdf.

        My problem is I cannot find an appropriate filter.
Many are in various stages of brokenness having nothing to
do with my particular needs.  Others, because of my needs are

        Here is a list of problems I have with export filters,
using 92.2:

        1. xfig: lines with arrows on one end give error
            messages and convert incorrectly.
        2. metapost: its now giving me error messages on
            the output it used to process correctly.  Does
            not support color text.
        3. eps: pango fonts rasterize extremely poorly.
            Latin type 1 are much better, but I cannot figure
            out how to invoke it in a command line (I use a
            makefile to build figures.

So what gives?  Do people just invoke dia but don't need the
figures for anything?

Otherwise, I really like dia.


Jon A. Solworth                         
Computer Science Dept. (M/C 152)        url: http://parsys.cs.uic.edu/~solworth
University of Illinois at Chicago       telephone: (312) 996-0955
851 S. Morgan Rm 1120 SEO               FAX:       (312) 413-0024
Chicago, IL 60607-7053

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