Re: Patch to custom object: object-specific properties (preliminary)

On 27 Nov 2003, Marco Contenti wrote:
However, the saving part didn't seem to work.
Strange, it works fine to me, the code is there, at the end of
If you send me your test case, I'll try tomorrow (it's getting late in
my time zone).
Maybe I understand why. Some days ago I found a silent design bug in my
patch, which didn't harm for the moment. I decided not to fix it since
I'm going to rewrite that part of code in a completely different way. The
problem is that I'm comparing string pointers rather than actual string
contents. This works as long as the compiler does "string pooling" at
module level, i.e. stores equal constant strings in one single place.
Well, my test environment right now is win32 (I'm going to set up Linux,
too, but it's not yet ready), then our compilers may behave differently.
If your code doesn't save correctly, please wait for my next patch, which
is due within tomorrow.

I noticed that, too, and if you look at the CVS, you'll see that I'm using
GQuarks to do the comparison.  So don't worry, check out CVS.


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