Re: dia 0.92 build fails (during linking) on MacOS 10.3

I was looking at the way the other distributions handled the dynamic libraries. I just got done porting a different open source package to (NetSolve) to MacOS X 10.2 which provided some valuable experience (btw, it also works under 10.3 using finks libdyld). In NetSolve it was just a matter of replacing "-shared" with "-bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -multiply_defined suppress" to handle the dynamic libs. However libtool was not used in the build process so I have a little bit of learning to do and I don't think dia will be quite as simple.


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On Nov 10, 2003, at 2:45 AM, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le Sat, Nov 08, 2003, à 03:44:02PM -0600, Lars Clausen a écrit:

So it looks like libpangoxft and libpangoft2 both define (or include
through linking) the same symbols.  This might be a sideeffect of the
non-portable linking of libdia. Mayhap you should change the libdai liking first and see if it persists, after that I suggest talking with the Pango
people to see if they have any idea for multiple linking.

Sorry I cannot be more help, but linker magic is not really my field.

Do we have any linker magic in place to cope with FreeBSD? I never
really touched either (unless fiddling with the GUI in a store counts as
"touching"), but I would kind of expecting the issues and solutions to
have some level of similarity.

        -- Cyrille
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