Re: DiaCanvas

On 30 May 2003, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:

Date: 30 May 2003 09:43:48 +0200
From: Martin Willemoes Hansen <mwh sysrq dk>
To: Alan Horkan <horkana maths tcd ie>
Subject: Re: DiaCanvas

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 22:47, Alan Horkan wrote:
On 27 May 2003, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:


I am wondering if I can use DiaCanvas in my project .. im doing a UML
program to model c# programs, first I was thinking I would do the stuff

Please make sure that you are starting a whole new project for the right

Yes, im doing this partly to learn using c#, gnome libs and so on as
part of a college assignment.

Education is a fairly good reason.
If you have not already read it this article by Havoc Pennington is worth
a read (and ESR wrote a fairly similar one, linked at the bottom of the

That said it would be incredibly helpful to the community in general if
you could do your work in some sort of a a modular reusable way.  Building
on top of an existing program will probably allow you to focus on the bits
that really interest you.

The author of DiaCanvas has a UML program of his own
I have no idea why he does not link to it from his DiaCanvas website.

Dachshund is another

Searching through and will turn up plenty of
other project too.

Dia is already here, please help to improve Dia.  You might consider
perhaps addding C# support to AutoDia
I could recommend other UML projects too.

Oh, thats a nice project.

Yes, I DiaCanvas was the thing I was looking for, I thought it was part
of Dia .. sorry to have disturbed you guys ;)

No problem.

If you produce something we can use too please let us know, that would be
more than thanks enough.

Again I urge you not to start a new project unless it is absolutely

Sure, it will not be anything like Dia,

it will only focus on doing C#

The GPL allows you to strip down Dia and release your own version if you
want it to do less things and be more focused on just C#.

modeling and be helpfull for me to learn stuff.

Trying to understand other peoples code is certainly "an Education" :)


Alan H.

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