Re: Dia 0.91 for win32 PNG crash

Hans Breuer wrote:
At 20:48 28.03.03 +0100, Ben Hetland wrote:
Yes, the one called "GdkPixbuf..." seems to be okay. I take it that this
is the "new" one, then. But being given the choice of multiple ".png"
selections was a bit confusing at first, and also that I could turn this
latter one into a JPG by just changing the filename extension from PNG
to JPG in the dialog.

Didn't you choose "GdkPixbuf bitmap (*.png *.jpg)" in the latter case ?

Yes I did, and then it automatically changed the extension of the
proposed filename into .png. I was simply confused that it stated two
different formats in the same menu item, and that it always gave me a
PNG when I selected it.

I think it would be less confusing to have two entries on the menu in
this case, like for instance:

   GdkPixbuf PNG bitmap (*.png)
   GdkPixbuf JPG bitmap (*.jpg)

Just my five cents...


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