Re: Dia 0.91 for win32 PNG crash

At 19:03 28.03.03 +0200, Steffen Macke wrote:
BTW, what's the difference between the two ".PNG" formats in the export

One is the "old" png export function, 
... via libart. Which can't render text anymore but still should not crash.
the other one is delivered by the newer 
pixbuf plug-in which also supports other rasters formats. I hope that only 
one of the PNG export functions is broken so that you can use the other one.

At 20:48 28.03.03 +0100, Ben Hetland wrote:
Yes, the one called "GdkPixbuf..." seems to be okay. I take it that this
is the "new" one, then. But being given the choice of multiple ".png"
selections was a bit confusing at first, and also that I could turn this
latter one into a JPG by just changing the filename extension from PNG
to JPG in the dialog.

Didn't you choose "GdkPixbuf bitmap (*.png *.jpg)" in the latter case ?


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