Re: File Formats (was SVG)

On 29 Mar 2003, dialist wrote:

Date: 29 Mar 2003 13:37:47 -0800
From: dialist <pvspam-dialist hacklab net>
Reply-To: dia-list gnome org
To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Re: File Formats (was SVG)

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 06:48, Aaron Trevena wrote:
p.s. Autodia 1.5 pre-release 2 is now available, with added Dia
(now both as input and output), VCG, GraphViz, SQL and DBI handling as
well as a bunch of fixes.

Okay. I have a question, which I know can be answered simply by looking
at the Autodia homepage, but would like to ask here in this forum.

here is where i stop reading.

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