Re: File Formats (was SVG)

On 29 Mar 2003, John Palmieri wrote:

"converting from one XML to another XML must be easy"
is only slighly less ludicrous than saying
"converting from one ASCII based file format to another"
especially if you have ever looked at any of the XML produced by MSWord or
libxstl is realy great at doing this.  XSTL is specificly made for
converting XML to XML and along with formatting objects can be used to
do things like XML to PDF or any number of formats.  Quite a good tool
and standard.

I was agreeing that converting from XML to other XML is not always as easy
as it should be.  XSLT and other standardised tools is what makes XML way
more useful, and shows how powerful XML can be if people do things right
and play friendly.

Alan Horkan

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