Re: dia 0.91 for win32 cant read settings

At 23:04 28.03.03 +0100, Ben Hetland wrote:
Hi Steffen,

Steffen Macke wrote:

Why is it mixing those versions, and why should this pose a problem?

It's mixing those versions because MSVC 7 doesn't allow me to link against
msvcrt.dll which is used by the gtk+ libraries distributed by Tor

Strange... Does it mean it cannot always compile "old" MSVC6 projects
Sure it can. But you should also recompile all the libs it depends
on. Or live with the problems of two runtimes.

The c-runtime from vc7 is called mcvr70.dll with corresponding 
msvcrt.lib. One gets problems with having two c-runtimes if
there is an _open() in one component and a _read() in the other
[Here dia.exe and glib.dll].
Internally both functon map the fd ('unix' file descriptor, a small
number) to a file HANDLE via a runtime internal array. But this
array isn't shared between the two runtimes - so the real file 
handles are unrelated.

(MSVC7 is the same as .NET isn't it?)


In MSVC6 I can at least tell it to ignore specific libraries, or even
ignore all standard libraries.

But if the progam needs functions from the c-runtime ?


And if I may ask; is there a reason noone set up a MSVC project file
yet? I know they look really ugly as makefiles, but they would be much
simpler to use from Dev.Studio than compiling every directory manually.

Multiple reasons I haven't done it and don't even consider to do it :
- You'll loose the benefit of interchangeable makefiles between
  compiler version. MSVC can upgrade dsp files but older
  versions can't read them. The hand written makefiles work from
  vc5 to vc7.
- Having to maintain about 16 object dlls and about 14 plug-ins
  from 30 dsp files would be a pain in the ass if done via gui.
  Not to mention the app and lib directory.
- the whole build process - described to some extent in 
  glib/README.win32 - would break. At the moment it is reasonable
  easy to keep dependencies up to date, without getting RSI ;-)
- you can simply write a batch file to compile all Dia with one
  command :

cd lib
nmake -f makefile.msc
cd ..

cd app
nmake -f makefile.msc
cd ..

cd objects
nmake -f makefile.msc
cd ..

cd plug-ins
nmake -f makefile.msc

cd python
nmake -f makefile.msc
cd ..

cd ..

  A master makefile in dia's top level dir could do the trick 
  as well. There is none cause I usually need to compile stuff 
  in smaller chunks anyway to fix build glitches. Nowadays it
  would collide with Steffens copying makefile.msc

- If someone really wishes IDE integration one can simply
  wrap the original makefiles with dsp files. IIRC try to open
  as project one of the original makefile.msc


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