Re: dia 0.91 for win32 cant read settings

Hi Steffen,

Steffen Macke wrote:

Why is it mixing those versions, and why should this pose a problem?

It's mixing those versions because MSVC 7 doesn't allow me to link against
msvcrt.dll which is used by the gtk+ libraries distributed by Tor Lillqvist.

Strange... Does it mean it cannot always compile "old" MSVC6 projects
(MSVC7 is the same as .NET isn't it?)

In MSVC6 I can at least tell it to ignore specific libraries, or even
ignore all standard libraries.

I do have MSVC 6 (on W2k) here at work, if that is of any help.

Please try to build dia 0.91 with it - instructions are available under:

Hmmm... I tried, but it was not quite as simple as the instructions.
Some libraries and include files seem to end up in the wrong places
following that procedure. But I think I'll sort it out eventually...
(but now it's weekend off for me!)

In the meantime, I was trying to get the rights Dia sources
corresponding to v0.91final, but short of having a CVS client installed
on this W2k box right now, I grabbed "Cyrille's" CVS snapshots:


Are there any readily available snapshots corresponding to the released

And if I may ask; is there a reason noone set up a MSVC project file
yet? I know they look really ugly as makefiles, but they would be much
simpler to use from Dev.Studio than compiling every directory manually.



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