RE: RE: SVG support

guess the point of switching dia to using SVG exclusively has a pretty
I've allready sent a new mail later that i responded to soon about SVG and that i reacted to soon without 
looking at DIA's DOM, it was an unnecessary mail.

uphill path to get across. Which does absolutely not 
invalidate the point of
having a better SVG imp/export support, if for nothing else 
for the sake of
being able to output to web pages, and integrate with less 
diagram, less
structured but more pretty features-oriented packages (I'm 
thinking sodipodi
in particular). Freedom to move across tools for using the 
right screwdriver
to drive that specific nail is a really important thing.

      -- Cyrille
I'm not thinking of webpages alone ! But you're right about DIA in contrast to SVG, DIA is ofcourse for 
making diagrams. Still I think parts of a diagram could be defined in SVG (like WMF) for objects like network 
parts e.a.


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