Re: RE: SVG support

Le Thu, Mar 27, 2003, à 10:57:34AM +0100, Jeroen ten Berge a écrit:

savefile and
converts it to SQL for database engineering purposes.
It shouldn't be a big difference, i analysed the dia file format and came to the conclusion that it looks a 
lot like the SVG format.

Well, you may want to show us a UML diagram with several connected complex 
classes, all in SVG, and how you would do to make sure it is completely 
(semantically) equivalent to the same diagram in dia, all that without making 
Tim's fine work not much harder...

Until it is possible to exchange a diagram between two dia instances, using
SVG (remember that not all objects are shapes), and without losing a single
bit of information compared to the same exchange done using dia files, I
guess the point of switching dia to using SVG exclusively has a pretty
uphill path to get across. Which does absolutely not invalidate the point of
having a better SVG imp/export support, if for nothing else for the sake of
being able to output to web pages, and integrate with less diagram, less
structured but more pretty features-oriented packages (I'm thinking sodipodi
in particular). Freedom to move across tools for using the right screwdriver
to drive that specific nail is a really important thing.

        -- Cyrille


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