Dia 0.91 and Mandrake 9.1 rc2

Just finished installing Mdk9.1rc2, so I thought I'd try compiling Dia
0.91 for kicks 'n' grins.

./configure reports (at the end...)
        Source code location:   .
        Compiler:               gcc
        Gnome support:                          no
        Python support:                         no
        Libart support (PNG export):            yes
Now type make to build dia...

I hope having "gnome support: no" isn't a big deal.

Dia compiles and installs with no asking for esoteric libraries or other
crazy stuff, so it looks like stock Mdk9.1 will make this easy for Dia

I'll bash on it a bit by making a database diagram and see what happens.

For the "search engine searching" crowd, I'm gonna mention again that
using Linux to create ERDs is done with Dia, then to convert ERDs to SQL
DDL for Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, et al, you use tedia2sql. We've got a
homepage, mailing list, and everything. Dia+tedia2sql: the holy grail of
database architecting under Linux. (now with 30% less fat)

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect and author, tedia2sql (http://tedia2sql.tigris.org)
If this helped you, http://svcs.affero.net/rm.php?r=philovivero

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