Re: Prefs

Le Wed, Mar 12, 2003, à 07:21:31PM -0600, Lars Clausen a écrit:

position to judge.  I trust that we won't be subject to NIH; the better
approach will carry the day.  

Yay!  Design contest!  Cyrille, do you want to do the pseudo-object style?
I want to do the direct props/offset-style.

nah, I think you're right on the direct props/offset-style. No need to
build a layer of fake things if we can use the internal representation
directly (as far as I'm concerned, the code reuse requirements are still
Diddling with Glade code, yes.  But dealing with the underlying connection
to Dia?  That's where it gets tough.

Especially when we want to have the prefs influence each other.  For
instance, when you turn Visible Grid off, the grid size and color should be

That's what stdprop notifications are for... (if they work, of course)
        -- Cyrille


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