Re: Prefs

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:45:45 -0600, Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu>
Externally defined -- the dialog is designed with Glade and somehow (I'm
not sure how that'd be the easiest) connected with the prefs structure.
Pro:  More exact design possible.  Con:  Harder to maintain.

I'm going to posit a radical tastes-great-less-filling hypothesis: More
exact design possible and easier to maintain.  :-)

I mean only that we can't know yet.  I haven't generated the glade code
yet [1], and it's not clear how easy it is to maintain the uninteresting
glade<->dia data moving code.  I'm willing to design a new dialog and
write said code, and let you be the judge about what's easier or harder. 
After all, you're familiar with stdprops and I'm not, so you'll be in a
position to judge.  I trust that we won't be subject to NIH; the better
approach will carry the day.  

FWIW, I think the population of people willing to diddle with Glade and
write some pretty easy code is bigger than those willing to master
stdprops.  Not that I think that's the determining factor, but it's not
nothing, either.  

I'm a Larry Wall kind of lazy programmer; if there's an easy way to do
this, you can depend on me to find it.  


[1]  I'm having a time getting Glade2 installed, whence the delay.  The
GTK2 dependency tree is not a joy to behold.  

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