Re: HIG and Escape

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Lars Clausen wrote:

As for Glade-ifying, doesn't that require that we depend on libglade?

Excuse me for jumping into the middle of your conversation, but I think I
can clear up a (common) confusion (Assuming I understand what you're

'Glade' and 'libglade' are separate, but related, packages.  Glade is the
GUI builder application.  It lays out your dialogs (Very easy - Highly
recommended), and has no dependency on libglade.  Glade saves it's
information in a .glade (XML) file, and from this XML description, the
application can generate your compilable code (C/C++/etc) for your

if i had done any research and explained this properly i would have meant
the first one ;)
A runtime dependancy would be messy.

Thanks for clarifying the muddy waters.

thank you very much for jumping in with the explanation.
sorry for not being clearer.

Alan Horkan

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