Re: HIG and Escape

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, James K. Lowden wrote:
I hear tell 0.94 will be partly about HIG compliance.  I noticed (who

You mean 0.92, and yes.

hasn't) that Escape doesn't activate Cancel.  I think it should, but the
HIG doesn't say so that I can find.  In fact, it doesn't say boo about
escape except wrt to mouse actions, of all things.  

In the UI overhaul, I hope Escape will cancel/close dialogs.  

It certainly should.

Lars, I see the Preferences dialog is much improved but not Gladified.
I'll take another shot at it.  Are we bound to a tab dialog, or did we
decide on a mozilla-like tree-on-the-side treatment, or does anything go?

We're not bound to a particular style, but we want to keep the coding part
simple, too.  Look in app/preferences.c you'll see an array of prefs.
They're currently kinda hackishly divided into groups by having extra dummy
entries.  A better style may be to have a string in each entry that
defines the position.  Or a recursive structure.  It'd also be nice to have
the props on a page grouped using GtkFrames.  In other words, the design is
open, but it should be easy to work with.

There was a mail a ways back showing how the entire thing could be fit in a
single window.  That was kinda neat.

As for Glade-ifying, doesn't that require that we depend on libglade?

How do we distinguish between defaults for new diagrams and properties of
a particular diagram?  

Properties of a particular diagram are changed from the diagram.


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