Re: Help to compile 0.91-prex

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:

On Fru, 21 Feb 2003, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:
I'am trying to compile  dia 0.91 (I began 5 days ago because of 

But right now, I would like to understand better the differences 
between some "words" appearing in dia.spec and INSTALL files

This lists the packages necessary to run the compiled code.  Things 
libgtk2 etc.


This lists the packages necessary to compile the code.  On top of the
development versions of the above, it also includes some compilation 
like automake, autoconf and libtool.

So, if I'm trying to install Pango, Pango-1.1.6,   from the tar.gz 
   will I need, first, to install the BuildRequired packages?
   I have found several of them but I have not benn able to find the
   "xxxxx-devel" ones

They should all be in
Or you can get the tarballs from  I guess I'll have to make
a diagram of the dependencies:)

I also actualized my Suse to Suse 8.0 hoping for some of theese 
packages to be already installed: but version numbers ar always less 
than required. 

Yeah, Suse doesn't seem to have updated to the recent Gtk2 packages yet.


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