Re: New prerelease

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, dan warburton wrote:

Whoo, cvs compiled for me!!

I've been trying out 91.-pre2 and generally everything is going well. I
do get display artifacts of connector arrows left on the canvas. I can
post a image if you like or try this, create a dia with two squares and
connect them with a multiline connector, add arrows at each end. sweep
the middle leg of the connector up and down so that the arrowheads
move. They leave images behind,

Yeah.  Bounding-box problems (as I mentioned in a later mail).  There's a
View/Redraw menu entry that will erase these.  Not a good solution, but we
don't have the time to go through all objects and check that they do the BB
correctly for this release.

BTW I like the new "connected" image that looks good. I also got
something else I wanted which is having the delete key delete the
currently selected object. But I find myself attempting to use the delete
key to edit text and end up deleting the object. Cntrl-Z recovers but any
thoughts of creating a "text edit" mode for objects, in text edit mode
the dele key would just delete the character under/forward of the cursor?

Yes, quite a few thoughts.  Text edit should be a separate in-diagram entry
thing, to keep textediting keybindings and object editing keybindings
separate.  That's fairly high on my list for the next release.


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