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On 19 Feb 2003, pvspam-dialist hacklab net wrote:
What we're really talking about, I think, is what two names to use for
these three things:

1.  a zipped dia file
2.  an unzipped dia file
3.  a dia file

Unless of course you've split the world into only the first two cases.
It's a matter of how you personally have set up the taxonomy of file
types. If you have broken the universe of Dia files into type 1 and 2,
then ".gzdia" and ".dia" suffice.

How about

                | dia file |
                    / \
          |                        |
     +------------+         +--------------+
     | zipped dia |         | unzipped dia |
     +------------+         +--------------+

Darn, where did my ASCII export go?

Sometimes I really do want to edit the .dia file in a text editor.
Really. You might not believe it, but use it to make a database schema
with 30 classes, and you'll start to want to edit the .dia file in a
text editor, too. Just one simple case: I want to change every blue
class to a green one. Or, I want these 8 classes to all be the exact
same shade of purple.

That's why I want to make even more fancy selection methods:  Select by
property would be obviously useful.  But we need the changing of multiple
objects to work way better first.

When you are faced with eight .dia files, and you wonder which are
gzipped (and thus need preprocessing before editing) it would be far
less tedious if there were *SOME* indication of which were zipped and
which weren't.

Or you could use an editor that automatically detects it and unzips/rezips
for you.

And why do I reckon BeOS had this down pat?

Because BeOS did everything right the first time:)  Just like NeXT.


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