Re: Dia-list digest, Vol 1 #758 - 5 msgs

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 03:13:15 +0000 (GMT), Alan Horkan
<horkana maths tcd ie> wrote:
It also makes things simpler when programs dont use the same extension
for different contents, but i should know better and use "file"  instead
of crude guessing based on file extension.

If I may offer a random opinion, as long as Dia can open a .dia file, its
format shouldn't matter.  That is, I don't think we should tie too much to
the zippedness of a .dia file, because there are many fine ways for a
"foreign" reader to figure that out, and every reason to connect "*.dia"
to Dia.  If anything -- and I wouldn't go this far -- the file could be
named *.z.dia as distinct from *.dia.  But inventing new extensions just
to convey whether  or not the file is compressed is not useful, given the
other variables.  


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